The rent amount that OHFA will pay on a client’s behalf is determined by income and the Payment Standard.

  • The Payment Standard and Utility Allowance are based on the smaller size unit listed on the voucher or unit selected.
  • The Utility Allowance is selected by the type of unit and the smaller size unit listed on the voucher or unit selected.

Income information is shown on the client’s Voucher Cover Letter. Refer to this information when completing the Rent Estimate Calculator. OHFA pays directly to the owner/landlord the difference between the family’s portion and the rent to the owner.

The family’s share of rent cannot exceed 40% of their monthly adjusted income on a new unit and must be rent-reasonable as determined by OHFA.

Rent amounts are not guaranteed and Payment Standards and Utility Allowances are subject to change. This calculator estimates the family’s initial rent amount and if the asking rent for the unit is affordable for the family.

Final rent amounts will be determined by OHFA staff in accordance with HUD requirements.

Rent Estimate Calculator

Use the calculator to estimate the housing assistance and your rent. Amounts are determined when signing the contract.

Use the lower of the Payment Standard (Line 7) or the Gross Rent (Line 10) on Line 11

If the Gross Rent (Line 10) is higher than the Payment Standard (Line 7), the Tenant Rent (Line 16) plus the Utility Allowance (Line 9) must be equal to or less than 40% of your monthly-adjusted income.

Calculate below the Maximum Asking Rent for the unit if Line 22 is higher than Line 19

This is only an estimate and your amounts may vary

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