Homeownership Made Possible with Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance

By OHFA Communications
Jerrica & James, First Time Homebuyers

"With down payment assistance,  we didn't have to wait to buy a house. It was something we could do right now."

Jerrica and James purchased their first home with the help of OHFA's down payment and closing cost assistance. This freed up the funds they needed to purchase appliances.

Homeownership Made Possible with Down Payment & Closing Cost Assistance

Jerrica and James had enough money saved to cover either closing costs or a down payment on a house. After crunching some numbers, they determined that paying for both would hinder the purchase of necessary appliances.

Through their lender, Gateway Mortgage Group, the couple qualified for OHFA's down payment and closing cost assistance.

"That saved us the perfect amount for our appliances," said Jerrica. "We bought our washer, dryer, and our refrigerator the day we closed."

Until Jerrica and James found out about the down payment assistance available from OHFA, buying a home seemed like a goal for a few years down the road. The assistance provided the push they needed to make owning a home a reality.

"We found out we didn't have to wait. We could do this right now," said Jerrica.

Walking through the door for the first time, James fell in love with their future home. "It feels like my grandma's house," he said. More importantly, the house checks all of the boxes. It fits within their budget, has good bones, and the changes they want to make are purely cosmetic.

Jerrica and James are proud of the home they share with their dog, Donut, and their cat, Willow.


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