Submitting a Rent Increase Request

By OHFA Communications

Landlords can raise the rent for tenants who have a Housing Choice Voucher, but certain guidelines must be followed for the request to take effect.

Use the revised rent increase request form to make a request.

Fill out the form completely and accurately. Submitting the request 90-120 days in advance, allows our office time to return the request for correction if needed. Incomplete forms will be returned and can delay processing, possibly affecting the proposed effective date.

Reasons rent increase request forms are returned include:
• Requesting a rent increase during the initial term of the contract or during the term of a renewed lease.
• Sending the request less than 60 days or more than 120 days before the requested effective date.
• Incorrect or omitted apartment or unit numbers.
• Missing information including landlord phone number, square footage, number of bedrooms or bathrooms, type of parking, provided appliances or provided utilities.
• Sending the request as a rent increase when there has been a change in the contract terms, such as who pays for the utilities, and who provides the appliances. A change in contract terms requires a detailed written notice to OHFA.


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