2022 Landlord Workshop Resources

By OHFA Communications
Thank you for joining us!

Thank you for joining us for the 2022 OHFA Housing Choice Voucher Landlord workshop.

The recording of the workshop has been bookmarked to easily navigate to the portion you would like to review.

Video Segments

Scheduling Requests and Rent Increase Requests- Ken Love, Field Operations Manager 00:00

Housing Quality Standards - Quinton Germany, Field Operations Supervisor 0:18:12

HAP Contract Requirements and Lease Information - Mary Hoock and Ken Erb, Office Operations 1:03:05

Question and Answer Session I 1:16:56

Finance and HAPCheck - Gwen Shogren, Housing Assistance Payment Supervisor 1:45:53

Legal Aid Presentation - Greg Beben 1:56:20

Homeless Alliance Presentation - Dan Straughan 2:34:00

National Resource Center for Youth Services - Amanda Aunko 2:49:02

Question and Answer Session II 3:00:23


Workshop Q & A

As part of the workshop, OHFA staff members answered questions from participants. Questions answered in the Q & A tab are below.

The participant that is moving into the unit can be living in the unit at the time of inspection. But we will not backdate to the day they moved in. A previous tenant cannot still occupy the unit.


Office Operations

Mary Hoock, Manager [email protected]

CharLynne Wren, Supervisor [email protected]

Finance and Fraud

Gwen Shogren, HAP Supervisor
[email protected]

Stacy Gholson, Fraud Investigator [email protected]

Field Operations

Kenneth Love, Manager [email protected]

Quinton Germany, Supervisor [email protected]

Helpful Email Addresses

[email protected]

Rental HAP Group
[email protected]


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