State Employee Takes Advantage of Special Loan Rate

By OHFA Communications

After renting her entire adult life, Tammi purchased a home in the perfect neighborhood earlier this year. With historically low interest rates and OHFA Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance, the timing could not have been better.

"I had known about OHFA's down payment assistance for about five years. I knew I would use the program when I purchased a house," she said.

Tammi also took advantage of OHFA's special interest rate for state employees. This decision helped her purchase a house in her desired neighborhood. It also left room for other purchases for her new house without breaking the bank.

While Tammi saved quite a bit to prepare for a mortgage, she also knew there would be expenses associated with buying a house.

"Because I lived in an apartment, I didn't have a refrigerator or a washer and dryer. I needed to buy lawn equipment. Getting down payment assistance meant I could buy these things."

While buying a house was expensive, Tammi said utilizing down payment assistance made the difference between buying and renting.

"At closing, I only had to have about $2,500 of my own money, which is not a lot when you think about the house I got."

An OHFA Lender pre-qualified Tammi for her mortgage. This helped her to make an offer quickly once she learned the house she wanted was for sale.





Down payment assistance meant Tammi could move from lifelong renter to first-time homebuyer.


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