Lead-Based Paint Guidance

By OHFA Communications

If a unit under your ownership or management is cited for having a lead-based paint presence, there are steps you can take to clear this violation.

An OHFA field agent will leave a notice that says “Deficiency Defective paint has been identified <SPECIFY LOCATION>, which is above the de minimis level.:

Defective paint must be repaired by a person certified in HUD’s Safe Work Practices. After work is complete, get a Clearance from a Certified LBP Inspector. Provide a copy of the Clearance report at re-inspection.

Hire a trained and certified testing professional who will use a range of reliable methods when testing your home. This includes:

  • Visual inspection of paint condition and location.
  • A portable x-ray fluorescence (CRF) machine.
  • Lab tests of paint, dust, and soil samples

There are state and federal programs in place to ensure that testing is done safely, reliably, and effectively. Call 1-800-424-LEAD for a list of contacts in your area.


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